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New Year, New Resolutions and Rituals

A fitting title for the release date of my first post on my new website. I think it’s fitting because it is a new ritual for me to write this to you. I will share what I know on creating resolutions and rituals by writing mine down for you in the hope you might feel inspired to create or tweak your own.

But why though?

Some people choose not to make resolutions and that is perfectly fine. This post might not be for you. I think having clear goals really makes you focus on how to improve your life and of those around you. Creating, eliminating or changing rituals is the way to achieve those goals.

New year and last year

First of all.. Happy new year! It’s 2017 and who knows what will happen this year! I don’t know how 2016 was for you, but for me it was a rollercoaster, going through ups and downs. Writing my thesis (definitely a down haha..), graduating, moving, getting in a relationship with a girl who is now my girlfriend and making the decision to be a full-time entrepreneur. That decision was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made but more on that in an other piece. Many challenges await in 2017. For me the most important ones are that my girlfriend will study abroad for approximately five months and that I want to get as much income from my business as possible. The main reason I want more income is because then I can visit my girlfriend whenever I like when she is studying abroad.

There’s a saying in my country, A good beginning is half of the work and I’m trying to get a head start in 2017 by writing down my resolutions and rituals.

New resolutions (goals)

For me what works is writing my resolutions down. I have three resolutions for 2017 which I purposely kept broad. It’s ordered by what I find most important and the resolutions also intertwine with one another.

  1. My first resolution is to create even better connections with people I love, including me. For me that means I get to know myself, my girlfriend, friends, and family better by doing fun things together.
  2. My second resolution is to obtain even better health. I have been working out since I was 13 and I look and feel fine however, I want to take it a step further and feel even better because I know that it will be easier to achieve my resolutions with a healthy body.
  3. My third resolution is to accelerate my purpose which is to inspire and motivate people to do great things.
Me holding a paper with my resolutions and rituals

Other resolutions

New rituals

I believe the only choices we have in order to improve upon our current lives is to change existing rituals, eliminate rituals, add new, combine and delegate rituals.  I would love to hear your resolutions and rituals if you have them. You can leave them in the comment section or if you want to keep them a bit more private share them via mail. Here are mine.

Improving connections – resolutions and rituals

  • Be thankful for what is already there have and remind myself every single day. I learned somewhere that a state of thankfulness is the same as being happy. It feels really good to consider everything that is good in your life and I would advise you to give it a try. You can do it just before going to bed or when lying down. Just think about or write down three things you are thankful for and go on with what you were doing.
  • Take daily moments to really relax and to be in the moment. Feel and experience instead of thinking about something else. Even plan these moments if needed.
  • Hug and smile consciously every day.
  • Do fun things with loved ones and organize activities.
  • Be spontaneous and surprise loved ones with gifts and/or messages.
  • Go on holidays often with a minimum of three times in 2017.
  • Plan for new experiences at least once a month.

Healthy lifestyle – resolutions and rituals

  • Prepare a large batch of healthy food for the every week to obtain more efficiency and simplicity in eating. Foods like rice and chicken are perfect for preparing in large batches.
  • Eat more fruit like apples or pears and combine it with other foods.
  • Fitness 2 times a week.
  • Take groups lessons like fighting or something else at least once a week.
  • Take the bike as often as you can and cycle for at least three hours every week.
  • Take 6000 steps every day which you can measure with a smart-watch or phone.
  • Drink at least three full doppler bottles of water (preferably warm water).
  • Take naps often (if possible every day).
  • Eat not so healthy things once or twice a week as a reward.
  • Do everything you can to work only 40 reactive work hours every single week. I say reactive purposely because I love what I do and that can be troublesome at times. I want to be working often… That is why I have divided my days with reactive and proactive hours. People in the Netherlands normally work from 9 to 5 which are 8 hours, and they work 5 days so 40 hours a week. In these are hours they are reacting to their needs and they need money to do so. I took that attitude and copied it for my own working hours with a slight twist. In working days for 8 inefficient hours (with breaks) I will do what is necessary and in the other hours I will do what I want.

Acceleration of purpose – resolutions and rituals

How can I achieve my purpose and goals more quickly? How can I make my business strive, helping more people in less time? Here are the things I think will help:

  • Blog and/or vlog at least once a week on my own website.
  • Blog and/or vlog at least once a week on my business’s website.
  • Use social media to share the blogs and vlogs.
  • Expand my network by cold-calling interesting leads, visiting events and networking on social media and also read blogs or see vlogs at least once a week for a couple of hours.
  • Eliminate things which take time and have no alignment with your purpose or resolutions(goals).
  • Delegate more things to other entrepreneurs and partners or people so that you can do the things you really want, need and should do.
  • Combine activities. For example writing a new offer for a client and creating a blog from it.
  • Wake up early when people are still sleeping. This ritual requires just a slight change and has many advantages. If I go to sleep earlier I will wake up earlier. After (most) people wake up they are most efficient and can do tasks more easily. Combine that with no people distracting you and you can achieve in two hours what takes you a whole working day with distractions.
  • Play (online)games ONLY with friends and don’t do it for more than 8 hours a week. Also use games ONLY as a reward after a working day. This is a ritual for all of my resolutions. It will help get better connections, accelerate purpose and create a healthy lifestyle.

Let’s just do it

Shia Lebouf inspiring us to achieve our resolutions and rituals.

Shia lebeouf motivation (click for more motivation)

Let’s take on this new year together! I hope you feel inspired to create your own resolutions and rituals or if you already had to tweak them. I would love to hear what resolutions and rituals you have or created. Share them in comments section below or send a personal message.

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