Rondomzorg has been one of my clients for over a year now and it is a really interesting company to work at. Rondomzorg is a company in healthcare for people that have a handicap and they have a unique way of helping them. Multiple have been created by Rondomzorg in order to not only take care of their clients but can offer them a program that makes them get back into society. This way they offer their clients a purpose and a chance to work and be productive.

These are the companies they created in order to do this:

I help Rondomzorg with:

  • Analyzing online marketing data
  • Getting more traffic on their websites
  • Structure their planning
  • Hosting their websites
  • Improving content on their websites and social media

The results have been really great they now have more traffic to their websites, better insights in their business and better content knowledge overall. I also automated the process of reservation for Kattencafe and Tromptheater.